SOCOM Tutorial Slides - Solid

Ruben Taelman, Julian Rojas

ISWC 2019, Auckland, 26 October 2019

SOCOM Tutorial Slides - Solid

Ghent University – imec – IDLab, Belgium

Tutorial Website:

Solid: a decentralized Web ecosystem


The Web as a decentralized platform

The new centralized Web has issues

Tim Berners-Lee was troubled by this

Inrupt was founded to build on Solid


Solid gives back control to the user

Freedom to locate your data anywhere


Data pods implement the Linked Data Platform (LDP) specification

Users are in control of their own identity

Social media accounts

Uses the WebID-OIDC Authentication specification

Fine-grained access control to data

Uses the Web Access Control (WAC) specification

Data is decoupled from applications

Inrupt provides Solid tools and services

Node Solid Server hosts file-based pods

Open source:
WIP rewrite:

Auth Client for authenticated requests

Open source:

Solid React SDK for developing Solid apps

SDK overview: for easily creating a Solid pod