Interface IMetadataValidationState

Represents the validity of a metadata object.

interface IMetadataValidationState {
    addInvalidateListener: ((listener) => void);
    invalidate: (() => void);
    valid: boolean;

Implemented by


    addInvalidateListener: ((listener) => void)

    Add an listener that will be invoked when the metadata object becomes invalid.

    No expensive operations should be done in these listeners, only other invalidations. If other operations should be done, those should be scheduled in next ticks.

    Type declaration

      • (listener): void
      • Parameters

        • listener: (() => void)

          An invalidation listener.

            • (): void
            • Returns void

        Returns void

    invalidate: (() => void)

    Mark the metadta object as invalid.

    This will set the valid field to false, and invoke the invalidation listeners.

    Type declaration

      • (): void
      • Returns void

    valid: boolean

    If the metadata object is valid.

    If it is invalid, the metadata values should be considered outdated, and a new version should be requested.